Wildfire rages northeast of Los Angeles

A fast-growing brush fire that ignited this morning has already burned through more than 200 acres near Glendora. Three individuals have been brought into custody under suspicion of being connected to the fires as the blaze continues.

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As the Colby fire spreads to more than 1,700 acres, officials are warning residents from the San Gabriel Valley to the Pomona Valley to avoid the outdoors due to smoke and ash. A state of emergency has also been announced in Glendora.

Photos: Ringo H.W. Chiu, Nick Ut / Associated Press, Irfan Khan/ Los Angeles Times

This is near my house. I hope they get it under control soon.

What crazy national day falls on your birthday?


My birthday falls on national “Look Up at the Sky” day. Simply awesome. 

What about you?

Festival of Sleep Day. I feel like this explains a lot about me.

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Where’d you put your mind?
Now you need it
Haven’t focused in a while,
And don’ t you wish that you could smile?
Try your hardest
Show ‘em what you’re made of.

Do you feel good, like a sunray?
Does your guitar squeak on the sheets?
And do you feel incomplete, not enough sleep
Nothing nice around to eat, yeah.

Love them.

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